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Between getting our kids up for school, taking them to various practices, cleaning, cooking and finally settling everyone down for the night, all of us moms have certainly earned a fun night out! Do you have a great group of mommy friends who enjoy getting together for a night away from home? Whether it’s a night at a girlfriends house or a night out on the town, Moms & Munchkins has plenty of moms night out ideas! Don’t worry Dad – we have a post about Dad’s Night Out Ideas for you too!

Ladies Night In Ideas - Patio Party

On this page you’ll find ideas sorted into a few different categories:

Sure, you could just invite the ladies over for a quite tea party but we have plenty of ideas for silly themed girls nights that are sure to lead to laughter and memorable moments!

Movie Nights are a popular choice because they are so easy to plan! Simply grab your favorite movie and set up a fun movie concession stand with treats. We have fun themed ideas for some of my favorite movies.

Looking for a fun holiday to celebrate with your girlfriends? We have a section for fun ideas involving special holidays – both popular and little-known silly holidays.

Planning a weekend away from the kids? When I go away on a girls weekend I look for great shopping, delicious bakeries and the best spas! We have fun ideas for both staycations and travel adventures.

Simply click on the links below to bring up the full post for each title.

Moms Night Out Ideas – Both Inside & Outside Your Home:

You don’t have to have a special holiday to plan a fun moms night out. There are plenty of ways to enjoy some great company, delicious food and a whole bunch of laughter!

80s Ladies Night Ideas

Here are some more fun moms night out ideas:

Girls Movie Night:

For more of a relaxed night at home, simply grab your favorite movie and set out a table of delicious treats. We have some silly game ideas too that are sure to lead to laughter!

Moms Night Out Ideas – Special Holidays:

Did you know that there are tons of bizarre (yet quite fun) holidays throughout the year? I’m not talking about the typical Christmas and Easter holidays, I’m talking about the little-known holidays like National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, World Pasta Day, National Relaxation Day and more! There are so many fun reasons to gather your best girlfriends for a special moms night out!

Girls Weekend Getaways:

I don’t get away for a girls weekend often but when I do my husband knows I’ll be coming home with plenty of new clothes! When searching for the perfect girls weekend destination, I’m looking for relaxing spas, modern & stylish hotels, great outlet shopping and the best slice of cheesecake!

Stay tuned because new ideas are being added all the time. I love hearing your feedback and suggestions so feel free to reach out to me through my contact form! Stay updated on the latest ideas by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin’.

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