August National Holidays – Moms Night Out

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There are so many fun August national holidays to choose from when planning a fun moms night out!

August National Holidays Perfect for a Moms Night Out:

August 1st – Girlfriend’s Day: This is a great day to gather your best girlfriends for a day of fun & visiting. There are so many fun ways to celebrate with your girlfriends like a day at the spa, lunch on a patio, a walk through the park or visit a new restaurant that you haven’t tried yet. There are plenty of August national holidays that provide reasons to celebrate with your best girlfriends.

August 15th – Best Friends Day: We all have one…a friend that is like a sister, someone that we turn to for advice or just when we need a good laugh. Celebrate your best friends on August 15th by enjoying a fun lunch date, a night out to the movies, a relaxing day at the spa – whatever you and your best buddy enjoy!

August 15th – National Relaxation Day: It’s probably not a coincidence that Best Friends Day and National Relaxation Day occur on the same day! What do you do to relax? Perhaps it’s a walk through a park, maybe it’s a day at the spa or maybe you need time to unwind over great appetizers with friends. Think of some fun relaxation activities that you can enjoy with your best mommy pals.

August 20th – Cupcake Day: These August national holidays wouldn’t be complete without a day dedicated to desserts! You can host a moms night in with a cupcake tasting party. Now that sounds like my type of holiday! Any August national holidays that include a dessert buffet are sure to be a hit!

August 22nd – Be an Angel Day: Gathering your best mommy friends to help a local charity is a great way to celebrate a moms night together while doing something to give back. Some ideas are gathering together to try some new baking and then donating the baking to a shelter. Gather together to do a clothing swap and donate clothes that the moms & children have outgrown. Host a steak night at a local restaurant and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity. Host a fun moms night in and ask guests to bring a school supply to donate to a local charity. The possibilities are endless!

Do you know of any other fun August national holidays?

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