The Bachelorette Episodes Party

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Is anyone as excited as I am for the return of The Bachelorette on Monday, May 14th, 2012?! Emily returns this season in hopes to find her perfect match in the bachelor house. In celebration of the Bachelorette episodes and new season, here are some fun celebration ideas. You can also visit this Bachelorette Finale post for creative treat ideas like these engagement ring donuts!

The Bachelorette Finale Party

~Although Emily’s season of The Bachelorette is over, you can still use these fun ideas for the newest bachelorette. You’ll just need to create a new & simple predictions sheet with the Bachelorette and her Bachelors~

A perfect moms night in idea would be to gather your best mommy friends for a premiere party. Serve up your favorite snack foods (check out our Recipes Page for some delicious ideas), dessert and a few drinks and watch as Emily meets some handsome bachelors (and some odd ones too I’m sure). Do you think she’ll meet the man of her dreams this time? We all sure hope so!

After the first episode, create a predictions list for each mom to vote on (or print this one for free). Include items like: Which guy will get the first kiss? Who will meet her daughter first? Will she choose a guy for an overnight date? If so, who? You can each keep a copy of the predictions list (or perhaps post an electronic copy on something like Facebook where all of your girlfriends can keep tabs on the winning predictions throughout the season).

Set a date with your mommy friends to gather again for the finale party. Of course there will be more snacks, desserts, drinks and some prizes for the winners of the predictions throughout the season! And of course, true love for Emily!

~Update – Were you surprised at the outcome of Emily’s season? Let us know in the comments below~

Have Fun!

The Bachelorette Episodes

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