Moms Night with a Hollywood Theme

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A fun night out with our best girlfriends is always a welcome break from our busy lives. Whether it’s a night out for dinner, catching the latest romantic comedy at the theatre or enjoying a fun night at home, there are so many ways to celebrate with your best mommy friends. Here are some fun ideas for hosting a Hollywood themed moms night in party.

Oscar Party Ideas - family party

Moms Night Hollywood Party:

There are plenty of fun activity ideas for a Hollywood themed party.

  • Rent some award winning movies that the group has not yet seen.
  • Schedule your party around an awards show like the Academy Awards and do some pre-show voting. We have free printables for an Oscars party!
  • Play a board game or trivia game based on a popular TV series or movie.
  • Hire a local makeup artist to attend the party to provide some Hollywood beauty secrets.
  • Play a fun game of Actor Charades – click here for the free printable. Which actor do you think would be the easiest to act out?

Moms Night - Hollywood Theme
Appetizers are always a hit at parties. If you’re going with a theatre themed party, your concession stand could have items like popcorn, nachos with cheese, hot dogs and candy. Any sort of punch in a fancy glass would be perfect for a Hollywood themed party.

How often do you gather your best girlfriends for a moms night in?

For more fun ideas for a moms’ night out, visit our special Moms’ Night Out page. We have ideas for fun both inside and outside of the home. From a quiet evening in to an adventurous night out on the town, we have ideas to entertain!

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