Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

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Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? In 2012, it is estimated that 22,700 Canadian women and 200 Canadian men will be diagnosed with breast cancer (according to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation). Would you like to become involved in supporting your local foundation? There are many ways to help out (I’ll provide some links at the bottom of this post) but one great way is to host a moms night in with these breast cancer fundraising ideas.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas:

  • Do you have some fabulous bakers in your group of friends? Invite your baking buddies to bake some treats for a bake sale at your party. Not only is this a good way to raise money for a great cause, but it’s also a fabulous way to stock your freezer with goodies for the holidays.
  • Who wouldn’t want to win a little spending money, right?! Host a 50/50 draw where you sell tickets and 50% of the proceeds go to a breast cancer foundation and the other 50% go to one lucky winner. You can find a large roll of tickets at your local dollar store.
  • Contact a local spa to inquire about donating a prize for your moms night. It’s a great way for them to advertise to local moms! You could then sell tickets for this giveaway with the proceeds being donated to a breast cancer foundation.
  • Do you have any crafty women in your group? Perhaps they’d like to create a few crafts to sell at your party with the proceeds being donated to a breast cancer foundation.

Have you heard of The Breast Friends cookbooks? I’m very proud to say that they are from Saskatchewan, Canada! They are a group of friends who have all in some way been affected by breast cancer. They joined together to create a series of cookbooks that have delicious recipes (really delicious…I have a few of the cookbooks so I can speak from experience here!) plus inspirational stories from breast cancer survivors and tributes to those who have passed. This is an amazing group of women who have raised over $1 Million (WOW!) dollars for breast cancer. A great idea for your fundraising party would be to serve some of the delicious recipes featured in these cookbooks. You could even raffle one off as a prize. Click here to find out how you can purchase one of these cookbooks.

Pink Lemonade Desserts

Your drinks of the evening could include pink lemonade or pink martinis. We have delicious pink lemonade dessert recipes as well!

Pink Cupcakes

A moms night in just wouldn’t be the same without some delicious treats! Here are a few fun ideas for a fundraising party (remember, think pink!):

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas - Cookies

Do you have any creative breast cancer fundraising ideas?

Do you want to learn more about breast cancer and ways you can help find? There are many foundations set up to educate on breast cancer awareness & support, here are just a few:

My grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer. How has breast cancer affected you or your family?

For more fun ideas for a moms’ night out, visit our special Moms’ Night Out page.

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  1. Well, first off: great ideas for a great cause! And second….well my late maternal grandmother had cancer and had to have a breast removed. So, breast cancer has hit very close to my heart.


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