Moms’ Night Out with June Bizarre Holidays

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There are so many reasons to celebrate in June. The official start to the summer season is in June. Kids get out of school for summer vacation in June. My birthday falls in June…so many reasons to throw a great party! Here are some little-known June bizarre holidays that give you a great reason to gather your best girlfriends for a moms’ night out celebration!

June Bizarre Holidays:

June 1st – National Go Barefoot Day: Flip flop season is now upon us. Get those toes and feet ready by enjoying a barefoot afternoon at the spa with your best girlfriends while indulging in pedicures.

June 3rd – National Leave the Office Early Day: Now that I work from home, it’s not so easy to “leave the office”. If you are a stay-at-home mom as well, perhaps you could turn this into a National Leave the Office Early Day for your husband so you can go out and enjoy some iced tea and appetizers on a patio with friends.

June 6th – Drive-In Movie Day: Our city doesn’t have a drive-in movie theatre but it does have a portable outdoor theatre that comes out a few times a year. If you have something like this in your city, gather your best girlfriends up and go out to a drive-in movie together. Don’t forget to wear your cozy pj’s and bring lots of snacks!

June 7th – VCR Day: Do you or any of your friends still own a VCR and some videos? Today would be a great day to take out some of those old videos and have a movie party at home with a buffet of delicious snacks.

June 10th – Iced Tea Day: Iced Tea Day would be the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon on a patio with friends enjoying iced tea, appetizers and great company.

June 16th – Fudge Day: I love any holiday that involves sweets! Do you have a great fudge recipe? Today would be a great day to enjoy a fudge bake exchange and taste-testing! Here’s one of my favorite fudge recipes.

June 21st – National Flip Flop Day (always the 3rd Friday in June): You’re going to be glad that you indulged in a pedicure for National Barefoot Day because now you’ll be ready to celebrate National Flip Flop Day! Perhaps you could go shoe shopping with your best girlfriends or indulge in a pedicure if you haven’t already done so this month.

June 25th – Please Take My Children To Work Today (always the last Monday in June): I suppose this day is to help parents ease the transition from having the kids in school all day to having them home with you all day. If your spouse can’t take the kids into work for the day, perhaps you can plan for an evening out after he’s home from work. One last night out before the craziness of summer vacation begins.

Which of these June bizarre holidays are you most excited to celebrate? Do you know of any other June bizarre holidays worth celebrating?

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June Bizarre Holidays Moms Night Out

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