Grammy Awards Party Ideas

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The 55th Grammy Awards are coming up soon – February 10th, 2013 to be exact.  This seems like a great reason to gather the moms in your group for a fun night out.  There are so many great ideas for hosting a Grammy Awards Party – here are some of my ideas that I’d like to share.

Grammy Awards Party Ideas:

Choose a Location:  Contact a local pub that has big screen televisions and ask if they’d like to participate in your Grammy Awards party by allowing you the use of one of their big screen televisions to watch the awards show.  This way you can leave the cooking to the restaurant and you can concentrate more on the party. If you’d rather host at home, this would be a fun option as well.  Click here for a couple of great appetizer recipes.

Create & Send Your Invites:  A creative idea for the Grammy Awards party invites is to mimic a backstage pass. You could laminate these at your local copy center, punch holes in the top and buy neck lanyards from your local dollar store.

Grammy Awards Party Ideas - Invites

Personalized Electronic Invitation: Would you rather send an electronic invite and save yourself the trouble of printing and delivering?  You could try something personalized through JibJab.  If you haven’t yet heard of the site JibJab – you don’t know what you’re missing!  They have many electronic pictures, videos and ecards that you can personalize with someone’s face and send.  If you want to do something different for invites, try this free Lady Gaga picture.  Insert your friends face and email a link to them with Grammy Awards party details.  It’s sure to get a laugh!

Attire:  Do you have a fun and slightly crazy collection of moms in your group? Then why not try a costumed theme where each person is asked to come as their favorite singer or musician? You could award a prize for the best costume!

Decor:  If you have a party store in your city, they will likely have music themed decor for sale.  If not, anything black & gold would suit a Grammy Awards Party.  If you wanted to have a red carpet for your guests to arrive on or for pictures, try a roll of red plastic tablecloth (can usually find this at a dollar store or a party supply store).

Grammy Award Ballot Cards:  A Grammy Awards Party would not be complete without Grammy Award Ballot cards.  Visit the official site of the 55th Grammy Awards for a listing of the nominees in each category.  Then create ballot cards for the guests to complete while enjoying appetizers while watching the red carpet arrivals.  You can dress the ballot cards up any way you’d like to (for example, printing on white card stock and pasting onto a gold card stock).  Click here for a free printable ballot card.

Games: Other than the main event of watching the Grammy Awards and guessing on your nominee ballots, there are other games you can play as well during commercial breaks or during the red carpet arrivals. You could bring a mini stereo and a mixed CD and play Name That Tune.  You could create a musical artist or song trivia game – ask questions during commercial breaks and the first person to shout the answer gets a point.  Click here for a free printable trivia game.

Keeping Score: Although it’s not necessary to keep score at your Grammy Awards party, it’s a fun way to give out a few prizes. Using white poster board or foam board, creating a scoreboard for the games.  You could use gold lettering, a gold pen and gold stars for this project.  Spell “Nominees” across the top with the gold stickers.  Using the gold pen, write each guest’s name down the side of the scoreboard.  As each guest correctly answers a Name That Tune or Trivia question, award them with one star beside their name.  As the award show progresses, each correct answer on their Grammy ballot would also equal one star.  The person with the most stars at the end of the night wins a prize.

Grammy Awards Party Ideas - Decor

Prize: You can use your creativity to create a Grammy Awards party “swag bag” prize for the person with the most stars on the scoreboard.  Some ideas are bath or nail products, a salon gift card, or similar items with a “Star Treatment” theme.

Awards:  It’s a nice idea for everyone to go home with something at the end of the Grammy Awards party.  If you are a really crafty person, you may be able to figure out how to make a “Grammy” to hand out at the party.  If baking is more your style, try making cupcakes with black icing (can buy black food coloring at your local craft supply store) with edible gold stars (Wilton makes edible shimmering edible gold stars) in gold cupcake liners.  This is a super easy way to create a Grammy Awards party cupcake! You can place these inside little white cupcake boxes so everyone can take their “award” home with them.  If you know the moms in the group well, you could write a little award title on the top of each box and announce them as you hand them out.  For example, if one of the moms is always getting the words wrong to popular nursery rhymes, her award could be “Best Original Song”.

Grammy Awards Party Ideas - Cupcakes

Happy Celebrating!

Who are you cheering for this year?

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8 thoughts on “Grammy Awards Party Ideas”

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of having the ballots and keeping score and having a prize for the winner, but I think baking a “Grammy” is way beyond my limited baking abilities.

  2. Did you happen to keep the format of the ballot cards? I want to have party this year I just need to change all the information. I would really love to have it. Let me know know 🙂

  3. Hi there, I realize this is pretty late notice lol! But how did you figure out what awards are televised? Do you know if they do it the same every year? Trying to make a ballot for tonight 🙂 thanks!!

    • Hello! Sorry, I’m not sure which get televised and which don’t. I usually just stick to the major ones like artist of the year, song of the year, etc. If you look at the nominees for each, your best bet is to stick to the ones with names you’ve heard of. I hope that helps!


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