He’s Just Not That Into You Movie Night

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Okay ladies – it’s confession time. How many of you have liked a guy so much that you were blind to the fact that he just wasn’t that into you? I think we’ve all been there a time or two! For this week’s Movie Monday feature, we’re planning a moms’ night in party around the popular 2009 movie He’s Just Not That Into You. It is perfect timing as well because it will be playing on W Network this Friday at 8pm ET (check here for local listings).

Hes Just Not That Into You

When trying to brainstorm ideas for this party I was trying to think of what the most popular breakup comfort food would be. I don’t know about you but my go-to comfort food is ice cream! So for this moms’ night in movie night we have a delicious ice cream buffet full of funny toppings perfect for the movie! I also have some free printables for you to host your own party!

He’s Just Not That Into You – Movie Night!

My mom and I had a great time thinking of funny names for ice cream toppings for the party. Here are the ones that made it onto the menu:

  • He’s As Cold As Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Cold Feet Vanilla
  • The Smarties That Dumped Him
  • Hot Mess Fudge
  • Gel-ous Jellies (gummy bears)
  • Berry Bad Guy
  • Crushed Heart Chocolate

Another fun idea is a nut topping mixture titled “Forget the Nut”.

Hes Just Not That Into You

Setting up this movie night party is really easy to do! All you’ll need are some delicious toppings, ice cream, bowls and spoons.

Hes Just Not That Into You

Hes Just Not That Into You

I’ve also created a couple of printables for “No Texting Zone” and “No Tears Zone” because we don’t want anyone feeling sentimental and texting an ex during the movie, right?! {wink} You can put the “No Texting Zone” on a bowl that all guests have to place their cellphones in and the “No Tears Zone” on a box of tissues.

Hes Just Not That Into You

What is your favorite movie? Any that you’d like to see in a future Movie Monday post? For those of you who missed the announcement last week, Movie Monday is a new series on Moms & Munchkins where I’ll choose a movie to write a mini party about that would be perfect for a moms’ night in celebration. Why on Mondays? Because then you have plenty of time to organize your own moms’ night in party for the weekend! For a listing of all the Moms’ Night Movie Monday posts, visit our special page dedicated to Moms’ Night Ideas.

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