Moms Night Out Idea – Women’s Self-Defense Class

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A moms night out idea that’s sure to be popular is trying a women’s self-defense sample class. These non-competitive classes will give you the opportunity to learn simple & effective self-defense techniques. This moms night out idea is great way to learn valuable skills while in the company of your best girlfriends.

What are Women’s Self-Defense Classes?

Women’s self-defense classes are adaptable for women of all ages & fitness levels so everyone can participate in this moms night out idea.  You will learn how to break free from holds and how to defend yourself if you are ever being attacked.  We all hope that we’ll never have to use these techniques but it is certainly information that’s good to know.  If any of the moms in your group have teenage daughters, invite them to attend as well (be sure to check with the studio to ask if there is a minimum age requirement for the class).

Before booking the class, ask the moms in your group if they have any specific questions they’d like to ask the instructor. You can then provide this list to the instructor prior to the moms night out class so that they can make sure all of the class concerns are covered during your session.

You may also want to ask the instructor if there will be instructional material passed out during class that everyone can take home with them to remember the new skills they’ve learned.

Be sure to ask the instructor what the group can do to prepare for the class. For example, what should people wear and bring along with them? You’ll want to dress comfortably because you will be stretching and working out a little bit during class. Be sure to wear running shoes, bring an elastic to tie your hair back and a don’t forget your bottle of water.

Have you ever taken a women’s self-defense class? If so, what did you think of it?

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