Moms Night in Ideas with December Bizarre Holidays

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December is such a busy month with holiday shopping, holiday parties and Christmas preparation so it may be difficult to gather your best pals for a ladies night. Here are some easy & fun moms night in ideas celebrating little-known and bizarre December holidays.

Moms Night In Ideas – December

December 4th – National Dice Day: Most of us have plenty of boardgames around the house. This would be a great day to invite your best mommy pals over, dust off some old games involving dice and enjoy a ladies game night.

December 16th – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day: If you could dip any type of food into chocolate, what would it be? I absolutely love dried fruit dipped in chocolate – yum! Any moms night in ideas that involve a chocolate fondue are sure to be a hit! Simply invite the ladies over, set up a simple chocolate fondue with fresh fruit (or anything else that would taste great dipped in chocolate) and enjoy some girl talk.

December 20th – National Re-Gifting Day (always the 3rd Thursday in December): Do you ever re-gift? A fun idea for a moms night would be to host a re-gifting party. Each mom could bring an item that they received as a gift and then swap at the party. Just be sure that one of the moms at the party  isn’t the one who originally gave you the gift…awkward!

December 28th & 29th – National Chocolate Day: This is such a fabulous holiday that you need 2 days to celebrate! Head to your local store and load up on discounted holiday chocolates. Your best mommy pals could gather together to share holiday stories, chocolate and a few holiday drinks.

Do you know of any other fun & bizarre December holidays that are perfect for a ladies night out?

For a listing of more fun & bizarre holidays, visit She has the most complete list that I’ve found.

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