Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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These moms night out ideas may require moms to step a little out of their comfort zone. We’re all hardworking moms who deserve a night out to let our hair down.

Moms night out ideas can include fun activities that you’ve always been a bit shy to try. Here are some fun moms night out ideas that may require you to step a bit out of your comfort zone.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone:

  • Does your city have a pole dancing fitness class?  Have you wanted to try it but haven’t because of a fear of embarrassment?  Arranging for a sample class for your moms group would be an excellent way to give it a try while sharing a few laughs with familiar faces.  I have tried it and it was a lot of fun.  I am very uncoordinated though so I ended up with a few bruises.  It’s a little tougher than it looks!
  • Burlesque dancing fitness classes are gaining popularity in many cities across Canada and the US.  Try arranging for a sample evening class for your moms group with a local trainer.  These classes are a lot of fun – be prepared to laugh at yourself!
  • Do you know of a dance teacher in your area?  Try arranging for a sample dance lesson for your group.  You could try salsa, hip hop, country line dancing, or whatever your group is interested in.  I’ve tried a couple of hip hop dance fitness classes and they were so much fun! No matter the style of dance, it’s sure to be an entertaining evening!

You could end your evening at a local pub to share some laughs over a few drinks and appetizers.

Would you sign up for a dance fitness class or would your dance skills (or if you are like me…lack of dance skills) hold you back from trying one out?

For more fun ideas for a moms’ night out, visit our special Moms’ Night Out page and follow along on Facebook for new fun ideas.

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