Eat, Pray, Love Ladies Night

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Welcome to Movie Monday – a weekly series where I share fun ideas for a Moms’ Night In movie night with your best girlfriends. Why on Mondays? So that you have time to plan a fun ladies night in before the weekend rolls around. This week I’m sharing ideas for hosting an Eat, Pray, Love movie night. It’s perfect timing because this movie is playing on Saturday on the W Network (check your local listings).

Eat Pray Love Ladies Night

This ladies movie night is really easy to put together. In the book, the main character travels to a few different locations around the world. One of these locations is Italy which is filled with delicious inspiration for a party menu. You could serve thin crust pizza, rich pasta dishes, gelato or tiramisu. Drooling yet? There are so many delicious options to choose from. This movie also includes travel to India and Indonesia so you could incorporate some dishes from those areas as well. No time to cook? No problem! It would be a great time to order in some food from a restaurant that you haven’t tried before. Simply Google restaurant options that serve foods from any of these areas.

Since this movie has a lot to do with travel, a fun idea would be to invite your guests to bring along some photos from one of their most memorable vacations. The guests can then look at photos, swap travel stories and talk about places that they’d like to visit one day.

Have you seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love? What lessons did you learn during the movie?

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