Wedding Crashers Movie Party

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I was married in Las Vegas three years ago. Not by Elvis…although I get asked that a lot. We had a pretty small wedding (around 20 people) so it would have been pretty hard to crash our wedding because someone definitely would have noticed! Have you ever seen wedding crashers at a wedding? People who just show up to celebrate although they don’t know the bride or the groom?

Today’s Movie Monday party idea surrounds the movie Wedding Crashers. It’s coming up this weekend on W Network (check your local listings). It stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two bachelors that have become experts at crashing weddings to get free food, drinks and to meet ladies. Their well-polished routine hits a bump in the road when they start to fall for two girls they meet at a wedding.

Wedding Crashers Movie Party:

A wedding wouldn’t be the same without cake, right? For this movie party, your menu can include a variety of wedding favorites like:

  • plated meal options – chicken (chicken strips) or fish (fish sticks)
  • buffet items like roast beef, potatoes and gravy
  • miniature wedding cake, cake pops or cupcakes
  • midnight lunch (buns, cold cuts and other sandwich toppings)
  • candy buffet with mini takeout containers
  • wine or juice spritzers

Activity ideas can include:

  • Sharing funny wedding memories during commercial breaks.
  • If you were to crash a wedding, who’s wedding would you want to crash and why?

You can also surprise the guests by sending them home with mini wedding favors like candy or chocolate bars with personalized wrappers.

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