Moms Night In Ideas – Holiday Baking Exchange

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A holiday baking exchange during your next moms night in party is a great way to try new recipes! During any holiday season, it’s nice to set out a large variety of desserts for your guests to enjoy but who has the time to make multiple different recipes? Instead of having to make multiple recipes on your own, just make one large batch of your favorite recipe and then exchange with the moms in your group.

Chocolate Caramel Brownies Recipe

Planning a Holiday Baking Exchange:

You’ll need to figure out how many moms will be participating in this moms night in so that you can calculate how much baking each mom should do so that everyone gets to take home at least two of everything.  Be sure to ask about any allergies and to pass the information along to others that will be attending the party.

Ask each guest to bring along a container to take home samples of each baked treat. If they are bringing a treat to exchange, they can then use that container to trade items to bring home. Also ask guests to bring along a copy of their recipe (or email it) to the party host so that copies can be sent to anyone wanting the recipe.

During your moms night in baking exchange party, include a few extra treats for taste testers during your party. You could serve some fun holiday drinks while sample the delicious treats.

This is a great way to try some delicious new recipes while stocking up on a holiday baking spread for your own family gathering. Looking for delicious recipes to make? Here are a few of our holiday favorites – you can find more on our Party Food & Family Meals page:

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