Life As We Know It Movie Party

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When I was pregnant, there was no shortage of people giving me advice. The piece of advice I heard the most was – “Get your rest now while you can because you won’t get any sleep once the baby arrives”. Friends and family are often so excited about the bundle or joy on the way that they can’t help themselves but overload you with information on everything from pregnancy tips to birth plans and advice for after the baby arrives. It can all be so overwhelming! One thing is for sure, life as you know it does change once your sweet little baby arrives…but I wouldn’t want it any other way! In this week’s Movie Monday feature we have the spotlight on the movie Life As We Know It. It is playing on W Network this weekend – check your local listings.

Life As We Know It Movie Party

In this movie, two people (Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) unexpectedly become parents after they lose their friends (the baby’s parents) in a tragic accident. For most of us, we have nine months to plan for the arrival of a baby but what would you do if you went from single to a parent overnight? This romantic comedy follows these two people as their lives turn in a direction they never thought it would.

What mommy doesn’t love watching a movie featuring an adorable baby, right?! Life As We Know It would be great for a Moms’ Night In Movie Party. You can discuss all of the funny advice people gave you when you were pregnant and what you know now but wish you would have known then. Did your life change more than you thought it would after you had children or are you surprised at how much your lifestyle stayed the same?

Every movie party needs snacks! Since Holly (Katherine Heigl) owns a bakery in the movie, you could stock up on some delicious bakery treats to enjoy during the movie.

What piece of advice would you offer a new parent? Let us know in the comments below.

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