Beauty Party Ideas

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These beauty party ideas are a fun way to enjoy a moms night in with your best mommy friends. Try one or all of these ideas for a unique party that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa

Try not to make it into a night of sales pitches where your guests feel obligated to buy something.  Be sure to tell the demonstrators that it is not a sales party but they are welcome to bring along business cards or coupons for guests that may want to contact them after the party.  In your invite, be sure to let the guests know that this is a casual and fun night and there will not be anything for sale at the party.

Beauty Party Ideas – Skin Care:

Ask a local spa expert to attend to discuss proper skin care techniques and tips.  Ask for samples to do a few demonstrations.  Items you may want to discuss are benefits of a facial, caring for your face by skin type & anti-aging tips.  You may also want to ask the professional if they’d be able to offer skin type analysis for any guests interested.  Another idea is to locate someone that could offer you some home remedies for common skin concerns or maintenance.

Beauty Party Ideas – Makeup:

Contact a local makeup artist to attend to provide tips on the latest makeup trends.  Ask if she/he can bring along some samples to do a few demonstrations.  Be sure to ask any specific questions ahead of time (like how to get the perfect smoky eye look) so that she/he can come prepared.

Beauty Party Ideas – Hair:

Invite a local hair stylist to discuss the latest hairstyle trends.  Demonstrations are a great way to learn how to create your own hairstyle masterpiece at home.  You may also want to discuss hair care based on your hair type and the difference between standard hair color and organic hair color.

Beauty Party Ideas – Hand & Sole:

There are many companies that offer at home spa services.  You may want to offer your guests mini manicure or pedicure services.  Buy a few mini bottles or polish so everyone can have their own bottle to use at the party and to take home for touch-ups.

Beauty Party Ideas – Fashion:

Contact a local fashion stylist or personal shopper to attend to discuss the latest trends.  Ask him/her to bring along some sample pieces of clothing along with accessories.  You may want to discuss how to properly accessorize an outfit or how to best dress to flatter your figure type.

Beauty Party Ideas – Inner Beauty:

Don’t forget to also include an inner beauty element to your party.  Great company along with laughter is an excellent way to feed the soul.  You could also contact a yoga or meditation instructor to do a mini lesson or to provide tips on relaxation.

Beauty Party Ideas – Food:

Appetizers would be a hit for this type of party.  Guests can nibble away on the delicious buffet of appetizers while enjoying the demonstrations.  Check out some of my favorite appetizer recipes here.

Beauty Party Ideas – Swag Bag:

Send each guest home with a swag bag including items such as:

  • Business cards from the guest demonstrators
  • Any coupons the guest demonstrators would like to share
  • The latest copy of a fun beauty magazine
  • Mini bottle of polish
  • Nail file
  • Lip gloss
  • Hair elastics or clips
  • Chocolate
  • Inner beauty quotes

Once you start planning, I’m sure more creative ideas will come to mind.  Have Fun!

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  1. I’m thinking about doing something like this for my preteen girls. Of course, I’ll have to wait till my husband is FAR FAR away! Thanks for the list of ideas!

    • Thanks for the visit! Love your reverse baby shower idea. It can be difficult to get everyone in the same city at the same time so this idea would be perfect for situations like that. It’s a nice touch to have the mom-to-be on video chat.


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