You Again Movie Party

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Have you ever heard the saying “Your high school years will be the best time of your life”? Well, that wasn’t the case for me or most of the other people I know. Thank goodness though, right? Who wants to think that life will never be better than your high school years? I was filled in insecurities in high school and it took me a few years to outgrow that. High school certainly wasn’t my place to shine and those years certainly weren’t my best. Of course there are always a couple of “mean girls” who go out of their way to make school miserable for some of the quieter students. Do you remember the name of the “mean girl” in your high school? For most of us, it’s a name we’ll never forget! Well how would you feel if you discovered that your brother was marrying that girl? For Marni in the movie You Again, this nightmare is now her reality! This movie is coming up this weekend on W Network (check your local listings) so it is the focus of today’s Movie Monday post!

You Again Movie Party

Yep, that’s me in Grade 9…22 years ago. To save you the trouble of digging out your calculator – that makes me 35 years old. Those years really sneak up on you after you turn 21, don’t they?!

You Again Movie Party:

So for this party, let’s not focus on the “mean girls” because we already spent too many hours doing that when we were still in high school. Let’s put the focus on some of the highlights from your high school years.

Invite your movie party guests to share some of their favourite high school memories like:

  • a moment they were proud of
  • a secret crush they were too scared to admit back then
  • something funny that happened that still makes you laugh
  • what you thought your career would be when you got older
  • bring along some old yearbooks and look back at photos

For food for your You Again movie party, you could serve lunch room cafeteria style food like burgers and fries or you could prepare some fun brown bag lunches with gourmet sandwiches, juice boxes and chips.

So now we want to know – do you think your best years were in high school? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “You Again Movie Party”

  1. My ‘good years’ were not in high school and I agree with you if they were then I’d be disappointed in life. LOL I love your idea of your party and will think about having one of my own.

  2. What a fun idea with a school lunch theme!!! Sounds like it could be a fun party. I enjoyed my friends in school and was friends with pretty much everyone. We had a small school so it was less “clicky” then bigger schools.

  3. I had to giggle when I read the line “To save you the trouble of digging out your calculator – that makes me 35 years old.” because I HAD been using my mental calculator to try to figure it out!


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