Moms Night In with Bizarre October Holidays

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Looking for a fun reason to gather your best girlfriends for a fun moms night in? These bizarre & little-known October holidays provide many reasons to celebrate. Get your markers & calendars ready…you’re going to want to make a note of these Moms Night In with Bizarre October holidays ideas.

Moms Night In with Bizarre October Holidays:

October 6th – World Card Making Day (always the first Saturday in October): Do you have any scrapbook buddies in your group? Hosting a fun card making party is a great way to gather your pals for a creative moms night in! You can get started on some homemade Christmas cards or perhaps make a birthday card for someone special.

October 8th – National Kick Butt Day (always the second Monday in October): This is a day to kick your butt in gear to do something that’s been on your to-do list for way too long. For some added motivation, have each of the moms in your group share one goal they want to achieve on this day…then have everyone report back on their progress!

October 10th – National Cake Decorating Day: Have you always wanted to try cake decorating? A fun idea is to plan a moms night out at a local bakery or craft store that offers cake decorating classes. As an added bonus, you’ll have loads of cake to eat after class!

October 18th – National Chocolate Cupcake Day: I love cupcakes and I love chocolate – this holiday was made for me! If you have some bakers in your group, host a fun chocolate cupcake tasting party.

October 25th – World Pasta Day: This is a great reason to gather your best mommy friends at a local pasta restaurant. With so many variations of pasta, each mom in the group is sure to find something that she enjoys. You could even order a few different dishes and then serve them “family style” (set them all in the middle of the table and let each guest sample a little of each).

How often do you gather your best girlfriends for a fun moms night in? What are your favorite moms night in activities? Will you be trying any of these ideas for Moms Night In with Bizarre October Holidays?

*Visit Brownielocks & The 3 Bears for a full list of October National Holidays that you can celebrate. She has the most complete list of holidays that I’ve seen.

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8 thoughts on “Moms Night In with Bizarre October Holidays”

  1. Love these holidays! Great idea to not just share them but actually add ideas for creating them into a moms night. There is no link to the brownielocks website though.

  2. Chocolate Cupcake Day, Pasta Day, and Cake Decorating Day all in the same month? I knew there was a reason October was one of my favorite months! These are holidays I can really get behind. 🙂


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