Actor Charades

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Are you planning on gathering your best group of mommy friends for a fun night in? This free printable Actor Charades game is a fun addition to a movie night or an awards show party. Click here for the free printable.Actor Charades

Simply print the actor charades, cut out the charades and place them in a bucket. Split your group into two teams. The first team will choose one person as the actor. This person will pick a charade out of the bucket and will quietly think of ideas for acting out this charade. The person will then have 1 minute to act out the charade while her team tries to guess the answer. Remember, no talking or singing in charades! If Team A guesses the correct charade, they earn a point. If not, then Team B gets one guess at the correct answer to earn a point. The game then continues with Team B taking a turn at choosing a team member to act and selecting a new charade out of the bucket.

Actor Charades – Acting Tips:

Trying to think of ideas for acting these out may seem difficult. Here are some tips for acting out these actor charades:

  • Think about movies these actors have been in and try to act out a popular movie title or scene.
  • Does this actor have a signature look (hairstyle, tattoo, etc.)?
  • Does this actor have well known personality traits that you could act out?
  • Has there been any celebrity gossip on this actor that you could act out?
  • Is this actor known for a signature saying?
  • Is this actor married to someone famous that you could add into your charade?

You could also award an added bonus point if the team can name 5 movies this actor has been in within 10 seconds.

Who is your favorite actor?

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  1. I wouldn’t do very well at this one, as I don’t really know much about celebrities. Your suggestions are good, but I bet I would draw a blank. lol!


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