Moms Night In Ideas – May Bizarre Holidays

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These May bizarre holidays provide many reasons to celebrate with your mommy friends in May. How often do you have a night out with your girlfriends away from the housework, laundry, spouse and kids? Having a few hours to go out with girlfriends for a few good laughs is always a great idea. With crazy holidays like these ones, there is always a fun reason to celebrate.

May Bizarre Holidays:

May 6th – No Diet Day:  What a great reason to celebrate!  Most of us women spend way too much time counting calories and watching what we eat. No Diet Day is an excellent reason to gather your best gal pals for a night filled with delicious appetizers, desserts and of course…don’t forget the wine!

May 11th – Eat What You Want Day:  If No Diet Day wasn’t enough, gather together for Eat What You Want Day!  It’s a great chance to eat some of those delicious leftovers from No Diet Day!

May 12th – World Belly Dance Day:  So now you’re probably going to feel a bit guilty for overindulging on the two delicious holidays listed above.  Don’t worry!  World Belly Dance Day is a great reason to arrange for a special sample class for you & your best gal pals.  It’s a great way to burn some calories while sharing a few laughs with your mommy friends.

May 25th – National Wig Out Day:  This holiday provides a great reason for some silly fun with your best gal pals.  Invite your mommy friends over for a fun party and request that they all wear a fun wig.  Bring out some fun & saucy board games and serve your favorite appetizers (check out some of my favorites here) with some delicious desserts (here are a few suggestions) and some fun cocktails.

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