Pottery Painting

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Fun moms night out ideas always include a group of moms going out to enjoy each others company and to share a few laughs.  You don’t need to get dressed up fancy for a night on the town but you also don’t need to meet in your pajamas to eat ice cream and watch movies (although that does sound like a lot of fun to me!). There are so many different ideas for planning a night out with your mommy friends including this idea for a pottery painting party.

Pottery Painting Party Ideas:

You can start the night at a lounge for appetizers and drinks or you could just meet at your local pottery painting studio.

If you haven’t been to a pottery painting studio before, they are typically a small studio set up with plenty of pottery pieces (such as bowls, dishes, vases and small ornaments) ready to be painted.  You are provided with paints, brushes, stencils & other painting accessories to help inspire your artistic side.  You choose the type of pottery piece you’d like to paint and then you create your own masterpiece!

You could paint a special bowl for your child, a dish for entertaining or something special for yourself.  There are so many fun possibilities.  When you are done, you leave your pieces at the studio and they will glaze it & put it in the kiln to set it.  Within a few days your pieces will be ready to pick up and take home.

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