The Switch Movie Party Ideas

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There was a time in my late 20’s when I wondered if I’d meet the right person to have kids with. I always knew I wanted kids but I didn’t want to rush into the decision unless I was sure I found the right person to have a child with. I sometimes wondered what would happen if I didn’t meet the right person. Would I adopt or try another route for having a child? I did meet the right man to be the father of my child and we are both so proud of our two year old son! In this week’s Movie Monday post, we’re featuring the movie The Switch. It’s a hilariously sweet romantic comedy about a woman named Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) who decides that she’s ready to have a baby and she’s ready to do it on her own with the help of a donor. Although her best friend Wally (Jason Bateman) doesn’t completely agree with her decision, he does support her…or does he? While at a party to celebrate her decision, there is a wild mix up that Wally doesn’t remember (too many drinks will do that to you!) until years later when he meets Kassie’s son, Sebastian.

The Switch is coming up this weekend on the W Network (check your local listings) so it’s the perfect time to plan a fun mom’s night out party! There are a few different routes you could go on here for planning this themed ladies night in.

Baby Shower: I’m sure most of you have planned a baby shower or two in the past and you probably have some leftover decorations! Set out some decorations and silly baby shower games that you can play during commercial breaks.

The Old Switcheroo: Serve some of your favorite party snacks and desserts but with a delicious switch – like instead of cream puffs try a Cream Puff Cake. Instead of corn chips with your Hot Artichoke & Spinach Dip, try serving it with a variety of crackers. Instead of creamy dip with your potato chips, try dipping them into a chocolate fondue…I’ve heard that it’s delicious! You may just find a new snacking combination that you love.

Have you seen The Switch? What did you think about the movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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