Rainy Day Activities For Kids

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Is the rainy weather getting you down?  Are the kids getting bored? Here is just a small sample of the fun rainy day activities for kids ideas that you’ll find on Moms & Munchkins. You may also want to check out our free printable games page for a summary of all the fun games we have that would be perfect for a rainy day. We have scavenger hunt ideas, charades, word search, word scramble, trivia and more! Of course, all of these ideas are perfect for a snow day indoors as well.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids:

You could even put on some rain gear, grab an umbrella and go outside for a few minutes to play in the puddles! You could warm up inside with a cup of hot chocolate.

Don’t forget to check out the Family Fun category on Moms & Munchkins for even more fun ideas to enjoy as a family. What is your favorite indoor activity on a rainy day? Rainy Day Activities for KidsHave Fun!

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25 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activities For Kids”

  1. I will be trying some of these ideas soon! It is supposed to rain all next week where I live and my little man is so busy! He will love these ideas and games 🙂 Your son is too cute! That picture it priceless.

  2. Here from SITS. I LOVE free printables. So your section on printable games is awesome. And, okay, I have to admit that I don’t have grandchildren yet, nor do I have any children left at home. BUT, my husband and I are still young at heart and still like to “play” on our friday night dates. So, we’ll definitely be using some of your games.
    Good luck in all you’re doing. AND … kudos to your husband for being willing to post a picture of himself with your son in costume! My husband never cared what anyone thought when it came to playing with our children. It’s so refreshing to see that. Not every father is willing to be a little silly to make their kids feel great. But it’s worth it in the end. All three of my children adore my husband and I know it was his willingness to truly play with them. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been having trouble keeping my toddler entertained on rainy days and we have just moved to a new area and don’t know anyone so playdates aren’t really happening yet but I can certainly use these ideas for our own amusement.


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