Pet Rock Ideas

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Spring break is quickly approaching. Do you have activities planned to keep your kids busy?  You may want to add these pet rock ideas to your list!  Creating pet rocks is a fun, easy & inexpensive craft for your child.

Pet Rock Ideas

Supplies For These Silly Pet Rock Ideas:

  • rocks
  • googly eyes
  • small pom poms
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • markers

You can start off by having a little hunt for rocks game in the backyard where you’re children will pick out the rocks that they think will make the most unique pets.  Before you start creating your pet rock ideas, be sure to wash the rocks and dry them well (the glue will stick better this way). A fun idea is to use larger rocks for pet rock people and smaller rocks to give your pet rock his own pet rock!

Pet Rock Ideas:

  • use a black pipe cleaner to create spider legs for your rock
  • wrap your rock in yellow & black pipe cleaners (in a striped pattern) to turn your rock into a bee
  • yellow or brown pipe cleaners make a great wig for your pet rock
  • pink or white pipe cleaner make cute bunny ears for your pet rock
  • color your rock green, add a medium sized green pom pom to the front, add a couple of googly eyes and voila – you have a turtle!

There are so many cute pet rock ideas to create – just use your imagination! After you’ve made some adorable pet rocks, you can start on building him (or her) a cardboard house, perhaps a LEGO vehicle, maybe a bow tie or a hair bow – the possibilities are endless!

Did you make pet rocks as a child?

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