Carnival Games To Play At Home

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Carnival Games to PlayLooking for a fun activity idea for your kids or for their next play date?  Try hosting a little carnival with fun carnival games to play. With a few simple supplies, you could create your own fun carnival in the backyard complete with fun games, silly entertainment and delicious carnival snacks.

Carnival Games To Play At Home:

You could buy small carnival games at a local party store or you could create your own such as:

  • Create a bean bag toss game using a cardboard box.  Cut round holes on one side of the box then label each hole with a point value.  Anyone that gets a bean bag through one of the holes wins the amount of points specified for that hole.
  • Create a ring toss game using old pop or water bottles and a ring big enough to fit over the neck of a bottle.  You could add food coloring and water to the bottles and indicate different points depending on what bottle color the ring loops onto.
  • Using old egg cartons or muffin tins, create a game where a player must toss a ping pong ball onto the game pieces and try to land in the hole flagged (could color one of the holes as the target).
  • Create a dartboard using a large piece of foam board and markers.  Cover ping pong balls in 2-sided tape or adhesive velcro pieces and toss them at the target (dartboard) to win points.
  • Create a hula hoop toss game by setting out various chairs or large stuffed animals and having players try to toss the hula hoops around one of the targets.

Carnival Games to PlayCreating your own carnival games to play is a fun activity for your kids to participate in.  It’s a great way to let them express some creativity.

For your carnival play date, you can serve fun carnival foods like hot dogs, corn dogs, cotton candy & popcorn.  Your local dollar store will have some fun containers for serving your carnival food.

Have Fun!

Carnival Games to Play

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