Obstacle Course Games

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Obstacle course games are a fun idea for a play date, a birthday party, a family picnic, graduation party…well, let’s just say they are fun for all types of parties and ages!  Here are some game ideas you could incorporate into your next play date or party event.

Obstacle Course Games

Obstacle Course Games

3-Legged Race:  Two team members stand beside each other and have their two inside legs tied together (creating a sort of 3-legged monster) and they must race against other players to cross the finish line first. A scarf or handkerchief works well to tie the legs together.

Dizzy Baseball Bat:  For this game you’ll need a couple of baseball bats, a finish line and a few players without a weak stomach.  At the start of a whistle, players must place the baseball bat (handle up) on the ground and place their forehead on the handle and spin around 10 times.  After spinning around 10 times (and likely very dizzy), the players must try their best to run straight and be the first to cross the finish line.  Most players have a difficult time running straight so make sure you don’t have any obstacles in the way that players could hurt themselves on.

Balloon Pop:  Players must race to an area filled with inflated balloons (putting these balloons in a inflatable kid pool is a good idea).  The player must pop all of the balloons in the area before running back to the starting line.  Be sure to pick up all the broken balloon pieces so little ones or animals don’t choke on them.

Hula Hoop Jump:  You’ll need a couple of hula hoops and a finish line for this race.  Players (each holding their own hula hoop) must hold one side of the hula hoop while standing in the center of it, flip the hula hoop over their head and then jump over it with their feet (kind of like skipping but through a hula hoop).  Players must skip this way across the field to the finish line.

Beam Walk:  Using a sturdy board (not too wide but long), prop up on a sturdy base a few inches from the ground.  Players must walk across the beam without falling off.  If they fall off, they must go back to the start and start over.

Tunnel Crawl:  If you have a child’s tunnel to use, create a tunnel crawl where guests have to crawl in one side and out the other.  If you don’t have a tunnel, you can put multiple pegs into the ground and tie string in and out of the pegs a few inches from the ground to create an obstacle that players have to crawl under.

What are your favorite obstacle course games? When is the last time you played one of these obstacle course games?

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  1. Some great ideas here! And can I say……very creative ‘human being’ verification–I’ve never seen that one before. A little bit of pre-algebra to keep us on our toes huh?


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