Restaurant Bingo

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A fun activity for your kids to try while waiting at a restaurant is Restaurant Bingo.  No one likes waiting for food when they’re hungry so help the time pass by while playing this free printable Restaurant Bingo game. How do you pass the time while waiting in a restaurant? Do you stack up towers of creamers? Pick out what types of desserts you’d like to try if you’re not too full after dinner. Chat about what’s new or exciting in your life? Catch up on emails or homework?

Restaurant Bingo Game:

You can play this game again and again at different restaurants since each restaurant layout will be different. Be sure to pack a few in the car so you always have one on hand.

To play the game, simply look around the restaurant and cross off the items you find. You could even print two games – perhaps one side of the table could play against the other. You know what a great prize for the game would be? A great big dessert!

Restaurant Bingo

What items would you add to a restaurant bingo game? Have you ever witnessed anything “out of the ordinary” while at a restaurant?

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  1. Hi! I’m not a techie for sure, but usually can figure out how to print things…with the exception of the Restaurant Bingo. Am I missing the print option that is somewhere around? I clicked on the Printable Games page and when I found the list that contained this Bingo game, I clicked on it and lo and behold it brought me right back to here…with still no option to print that I can see. Help! It really looks like a great game and I actually need it for a family dinner at a restaurant within a couple of days. Hope you can help. Thanks!


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