Hide and Seek Games For Kids

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A fun classic game for children is hide and seek. Did you play hide and seek games as a child? I remember playing this game outdoors with many of the kids in the neighborhood and we always had a lot of fun. These days though it isn’t too safe to let your children hide in random places outside so I have a great & safe alternative for you.

Hide and Seek Games for Kids

Hide and Seek Games for Kids:

Looking for unique hide and seek games for kids?  Instead of children hiding themselves, enlist the help of some favorite stuffed animals. Children can take turns hiding stuffed animals around the house while the “seeker” does some searching.  You could even mix in a bit of “hot and cold” – when the child is getting close to the hidden animal, the hider would say “You are getting warmer” and as the child gets further away from the hidden animal the hider would say “You are getting colder”. Since stuffed animals are smaller, there are so many new hiding opportunities to be discovered!

Another fun idea is to play hide and seek in a slightly dark room (still light enough that you don’t walk into things) with glow sticks. Hide the glow sticks under couch cushions, in cupboards, etc. This could also be a fun family game at night in your own backyard.

You could also play a combination of the two games – stuffed animal hide and seek in the dark with flashlights.

Where is your best hiding place for a hide and seek game?

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