Dance Party Fun

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A fun idea for your next play date is to plan some dance party fun. All kids love to dance and the great thing is that kids of all ages can participate. Just simply put on some music and let them use their creativity to make up their own silly dance moves. Dancing is also an excellent form of exercise so they’ll be burning off those sugar calories without even realizing it.

Dance Party Fun for Kids

Dance Party Fun Ideas:

This is easy to put together – you’ll need:

  • a CD of kid-friendly tunes or a dance DVD (see below for some suggestions)
  • a few disco ball decorations (you’ll find these at your local dollar store)
  • fun rock star wigs (check your local dollar store)
  • flashing lights
  • a few small prizes

Invite the little ones to come dressed as their favorite music star or as any music genre (example, disco, hip hop, a cowboy country music star, etc.).

Then just put on the tunes and let the kids dance & have fun!

You can play fun games like:

  • Freeze Frame:  the kids dance while the music is on but then must quickly stop when the music stops (you could shout “freeze frame!” to let them know to stop and hold the pose that they’re currently in until the music starts again).
  • Musical Chairs:  the kids must dance around the chairs but quickly grab a seat when the music stops.  Always have one less chair (or pillow) than the number of kids – the child without the chair/pillow then sits out until the next game.  The last child to grab a seat wins.

You could hand out small prizes for best costume, winner of musical chairs, best “freeze frame” pose, etc.

What type of dance party games do you have for a Dance Party Fun theme?

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