Kids Pool Party Ideas

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These kids pool party ideas are a great way to celebrate summer or escape the cold winter with an indoor pool party. For a fun play date or birthday party idea for your children, try some swimming with a mini beach party!  Swimming is a great activity for kids of all ages, even children as young as 5 or 6 months old can join in the swimming fun with a parent.

Kids Pool Party Ideas

Kids Pool Party Ideas:

These kids pool party ideas are fun in any season – you can beat the winter blues by hosting a pool party indoors or you could celebrate summer by hosting a beach party at an outdoor pool or beach.

These fun kids pool party ideas could include both a swimming portion and a party portion on land. This will provide a larger variety of activities for the guests to enjoy.

For the swimming portion:

  • Bring along some water toys for the kids to play with like squirt toys and floatation toys
  • Play a game of shark (like tag, just in the water instead of on land)
  • Gather is a circle and song songs with silly actions along with the kids

For the party on land portion:

  • Bring along a small stereo with some beach-themed music
  • Bring along plenty of beach balls and other inflatable toys such as inflatable fish, beach monkeys, palm trees, etc.
  • Have a summer BBQ or picnic
  • Have an ice cream cart or a snow cone machine
  • If hosting an outdoor party by sand, bring along supplies for building sandcastles like sand pails and mini shovels
  • For a cute food idea, make marshmallow rice krispie treats using small sandcastle molds
  • Host a contest for the best Hawaiian shirt

If hosting the play date outside, remember to bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, drinking water, and towels both to dry off with and sit on. Don’t forget your camera!

What’s your favorite part of a pool party?

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