Fun Drawing Activities

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Looking for a fun yet inexpensive play date activity that will keep the children busy?  Then these fun drawing activities may be of interest to you!

Fun Drawing Activities

Fun Drawing Activities for Kids:

To start these fun drawing activities, you’ll need a large roll of paper and supplies to draw, color and paint with like:

  • markers
  • crayons
  • finger paints
  • stickers
  • glue
  • rulers
  • shapes to trace (cookie cutters work great)
  • tracing paper and pictures to trace
  • any other fun craft items you have around your home

Unroll the large roll of paper and lay it out in a big open area.  You can let the children come up with their own fun creation or you could provide them with ideas for fun drawing activities like:

  • Create a raceway for toy cars.  Boxes can be used to create ramps.
  • Create a picture of your own neighborhood with houses, parks, streets, and other landmarks around your home.
  • Create life size drawings of each other by using a pencil to trace each child’s body frame.  Once the outline is created, children can add in facial features, yarn for hair, etc.

There are also many other types of crayons and markers that you can use on surfaces other than paper. Some other fun ideas are:

  • Window Writers – these markers can be used on windows and mirrors to leave surprise messages around the house for each other
  • Dry Erase Markers – use on dry erase boards that you have at home. This can be used for games like tic tac toe
  • Glow In The Dark Markers – you can leave secret messages for family to find when the light go out

Do your kids like drawing? Do you hang their artwork on the fridge or keep it in a safe place so you can go back and look at it again when they’re older?

For more fun ideas to enjoy as a family, check out our creative Pinterest boards.

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