Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas

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Tired of the cold weather keeping you inside?  Miss the summer days with picnics in the park?  Try these fun teddy bear picnic ideas as family fun or for your mom and baby group!  Invite each child to bring along their favorite stuffed animal for this fun play date.

Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas – Decor:

Setting up a picnic theme is fairly easy with these simple teddy bear picnic ideas.  Bring along some large sheets or blankets, play mats or pillows to sit on.  Using yellow card stock, cut out a big sun to hang on the wall.

You can even setup a special photo area where each child can get their picture taken with their special guest – use things like a picnic blanket, picnic basket, or a fake plant to make it look more outdoorsy.

Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas – Food:

Here are some teddy bear picnic food ideas.  If most of the children in your group are infants, most of the food will just be enjoyed by the mommies.  Be sure to keep the trays of food up high so the little ones don’t reach for anything that they could hurt themselves on.

  • Make bear shaped sandwiches using a large bear cookie cutter.
  • Fruit kabobs are a great picnic food for the mommies.  Try dipping some of the fruit in chocolate before putting onto the kabob – great dessert treat!
  • Teddy bear s’mores are really easy to make.  Take a few teddy bear graham crackers, place a chocolate chip or two on top of the cracker, top with a mini marshmallow, pop into the microwave for a few seconds, then top with another teddy bear graham cracker & press down to squish your s’more into a little treat.
  • Teddy bear cupcakes can easily be made with a cake mix, store-bought icing and top with either gummie bears or teddy graham bears.  If you want to be a little extra creative, try crushed graham crackers on top of the icing with a mini umbrella and the bear soaking up some sun. Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas - Smores

Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas – Activities:

  • Make some teddy bear cookies before you’re play date and bring them along for the kids to decorate with icing and various candies.
  • Try setting up an obstacle course or relay race with the kids & their bears.
  • Sing the Teddy Bear Picnic Song
  • Each bear could be given a certificate at the party – like Fluffiest Bear, Most Handsome Bear, Prettiest Bear, Most Original Bear, Most Snuggly, etc.  Click here for a free printable certificate or you can create your own using free MS Word templates.

Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas - Certificate
Did you have a favorite teddy bear as a child?

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