20 Easy Crafts For Kids

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We’ve all been there: you’re sitting alone finally with some peace and quiet and one of your children runs up and says one of your favorite phrases – “I’m bored.” Well, no matter what age, these 20 Easy Crafts For Kids will help you beat boredom with some fun and constructive activities. The truth is, I love making crafts with my kiddos while also making new memories. So, don’t get stuck on what to do on rainy days. Get together and make something new!

20 Easy Crafts For Kids

We have kid crafts that are holiday themed, party themed, and a bunch that are just fun to make. It is nice to do something with the kids that doesn’t have to do with a device. My kids love making the handmade cards and even made father’s day one this year. It was a big success and my husband loved his handmade cards. As much as they loved making the cards, I think they preferred the balloon puppy craft because it was something they had so much fun with and got to keep. Which ones do you think your children will love? Grab some construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick and check out these other great kid craft ideas below.

Easy Crafts For Kids

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun crafts and ideas. I love doing these activities with the kids because it lets them be constructive and imaginative at the same time. If you have been looking for some screen time alternatives, these crafts are a nice change of pace. Plus, just think of all the cute homemade gifts you can make! Be sure to let us know which ones were your favorite.

If you’re just as excited about these fun crafts as I am, but you’re not quite ready to make some, be sure to pin this to your favorite craft ideas board on Pinterest so you can find it again super quick when you are ready! If you make any of these crafts, let us know on social media by tagging MomsandMunchkins as we love to see what our readers make.

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