Sidewalk Chalk Games

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Do your little ones enjoy playing with sidewalk chalk? That’s one way to know when spring as arrived – you’ll start seeing the sidewalks covered in fun doodles. There are so many fun ways to use the chalk and you can buy a large package of sidewalk chalk in various colors at your local dollar store. This means it can be inexpensive fun! Here are some fun & unique sidewalk chalk games for your kids to try.Sidewalk Chalk Games

Sidewalk Chalk Games:

Creating a Large Tic-Tac-Toe Board: If you have a large enough group of kids, split them into to teams (Team X and Team O) and have them stand in the squares rather than write an “x” or an “o”.

Self-Portrait: Have the children take turns tracing each other on the sidewalk and then they can fill in facial features, hair, clothes, etc. to create their own self portrait with their outline.

Create Your Own Board Game: Have the children create a circle of squares (each square big enough to write in) and have them come up with their own board game. Each square could have an activity such as “do 10 jumping jacks” or “skip rope for one minute” or “share an interesting fact”. Provide the kids with dice and let them take turns rolling the dice and landing on different activity squares. There can be fun squares too like “jump ahead 2 spots”.

Line Tag: Have the children create lines that never end (circles, squares, mazes, etc.) then create a game of line tag. Line tag is where each player must run only on the lines while trying to outrun the person that is “It”. Anyone that hops off of a line or gets tagged is out. The last player remaining is the winner and then a new “It” person gets chosen.

What creative ways have your kids thought of to use sidewalk chalk?

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  1. GREAT suggestions! Am loving these, especially the tracing each other. My girls would totally get a kick out of that…we will definitely do that this summer! :):) Mind if I link to this post from my own blog in an upcoming blog post about summer ideas? Visiting from the Saturday SITS sharefest.


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