Free Camping Game Printables For Your Next Family Adventure

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When you go camping with kids, it’s a good idea to take along these Free Camping Game Printables for your next family adventure. No sense in having bored kids for no reason. I seriously love camping with the kids. They learn so much and I have a great time teaching them all the little nuances about having fun outdoors. And I get to pass down all of the fun lessons that my parents taught me when we were camping. 

It’s a busy thing, camping, but, there is, sometimes, some down-time, no matter how “cool” I try to make our trip. Even if there’s only 5 minutes of downtime, nothing is more boring for kids than those 5 minutes when there’s no screen. And nothing is more annoying to parents than that 4 minutes and 30 seconds that the kids are whining.

Personally, that small amount of time is pretty much torture in my memory of the campouts I had with my family as a kid. I would hate for that to be the memory my kiddos take with them from our family campout, so I made these awesome free printable games for camping.

Family Camping

Super simple games that any kid can play, these fun camping games are a great way to fill those few minutes in the morning after everyone is awake but before you start getting the camp up and around. Or after lunch, during that drowsy time before the fish are biting. Or before bedtime, when it’s not quite lights-out, but it’s getting dark. Or, if you’re busy setting up camp as the parent, but you’re trying to keep the kids occupied while you’re making the tent…well, this is the perfect time to pull out some camping games, for sure. Turn those 5 minutes or horrid boredom into an awesomely fun time that can last for so much longer.

Free Printable Camping Games

4 Free Camping Game Printables for a Family Campout

I don’t think the downtime is all bad, though. That’s when kids get creative and learn to use their imaginations. So, don’t use these games as a way to fill every second, but to help them ignite their imaginations. If the kiddos are having a good time and don’t need any help keeping themselves occupied, you can keep the games in your back pocket. But, when the kiddos start with the whining…oh, the whining…that’s when you pull out the games. You can print them here! Don’t forget the Answer Key!

Oh, and don’t forget, when you’re printing these awesome games for camping, that you’ll want to bring along some kind of prize, if you decide to award anyone for winning. Something simple like a piece of candy, a tiny toy or a dollar would be a great reward for whoever finishes finding the most items the quickest.

Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on them. If you want, you can take these fun camping games for kids along with you on a hike, or a day trip to the lake. Really, any time you’re outside, there’s a chance for the kids to have fun with these easy camping games.

Ideas for How to Play

camping word search

Camping Word Search

  1. Give each kiddo a copy of the word search and ask them to work on the free printable camping word search while you help. This could be a great bedtime activity in the tent before lights-out.
  2. Use one word search for the entire family. Let one person search at a time, passing the card around. Find all the words as a group!
camping crossword printable

Camping Crossword Puzzle

  1. Have each kiddo work on their own copy of the free printable camping crossword while you help. This could be another great bedtime activity in the tent before lights-out.
  2. Use one crossword puzzle for the entire family. Let one person search at a time, passing the card around. Fill out the entire crossword puzzle as a group.
  3. Have each person call out the hints and work together as a team to come up with the word.
camping maze printable

Camping Maze

  1. Have each kiddo use a small flashlight or laser pointer to trace the lines on the free printable camping maze. 
  2. Give each kiddo a different colored highlighter and let them each take turns. When they run into a dead-end, have them pass the maze to the next person. 
I Spy printable

Camping I Spy

  1. Giving each person a card, have one person (you) call out the next item and let the kids call-out when they’ve found it. First one to get all the items wins a camping prize!
  2. Have each kiddo work on their own to find all the items in the I Spy on their sheet. This fun hunting game actually helps build reading skills…
  3. With each kiddo having a free printable camping I Spy, have each kiddo go on their own mission around camp to find every item on their list.
  4. Giving each person a free printable camping I Spy, go on a hike together to get each kiddo a chance to fill out their entire I Spy.
  5. Work as a team to find every item on the I Spy in your campsite, marking them off as a group.
  6. Have each kiddo help clean-up the campsite using the I Spy as a checklist.

I love going camping with the family, but the one thing I don’t enjoy is when the kids are less than occupied. And not just occupied but whining about being bored. It’s the worst. So, when I go camping, I plan to take these games to keep the kids from reaching that stage.

Don’t forget to print the games before you go camping! And don’t forget the Answer Key as well! As a family, you will have a blast with these free camping printables!

If you love these free printable camping games for families, be sure to pin it to your favorite family camping board on Pinterest. You can print the free printable games for a family campout anytime, but you want to be able to find them again quickly before you’re walking out the door on your vacation.

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