Free Printable Valentine’s Day Mailbox

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Just when the holiday cookies are starting to disappear, the temptation of Valentine’s Day chocolate starts appearing on store shelves. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re offering a FREE printable Valentine’s Day mailbox to hold all those adorable Valentine cards. These would be great to use as a classroom craft or just at home for your own special Valentine’s from family and friends. We also have instructions with the free printable but these are really easy to put together.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Mailbox

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Mailbox:

Simply print the free printable, cut out the template and glue it together. There is also blank space at the top where you can write the child’s name on it. I suggest printing on heavier card stock paper as the mailboxes will be more sturdy.

This fun Valentine’s Day printable is available for FREE to you just for checking out our great site.  Make sure to bookmark us as well as share Moms and Munchkins with your friends on social media.  Visit our Valentine’s Day page for even more free printables, Valentine’s Day games, party ideas, sweet treats and more!

Valentine Mailbox

Click here for the Mailbox Printable


  • Good quality 8.5” x 11” sized sheets or A4 white stock card (suggested 200gsm)
  • Glue or double sided sticky tape
  • Scissors and craft knife


STEP 1. Print template (2 sheets) on card stock, single-sided.

STEP 2. Cut out around templates on sheet 1 and sheet 2 and cut out the rectangle white section on the front flap on sheet 2.

STEP 3. If required, using a crafting knife score along all black lines for easier folding.

STEP 4. Fold along all of the black lines.

STEP 5. Using tape or glue, attach overlap flap to inside / reverse side of other half of box.

STEP 6. To assemble bottom, fold in the base of the box and then apply tape or glue to the “tape or glue flap” and attach to the reverse of the back panel to secure the base.

STEP 7. Finally fold in the small flaps on the side panels and then fold down the front flap and attach to the front panel to secure.

Now your Mailbox is ready – HAVE A FUN PARTY!

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Valentine Party Printables

THANK YOU to our printables designer – Wendy of Wendy’s Printable Party.

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