Sick Day Games For Kids

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My friends warned me that the first year of school would be filled with a lot of sick days and they were right! My son is in kindergarten now and he’s already had a handful of sick days as kids in the class pass around germs. Thankfully I work from home so I’m able to stay home with him when he’s not feeling well. This has given us a lot of opportunities to come up with fun sick day games. My son is 5 years old now and loves imaginary play so on sick days we take out his toy doctor’s kit to create our own hospital.

In his Sick Day Games box we have a doctor’s costume we picked up on sale after Halloween plus some toy doctor tools. He likes having real patients like Nana or Papa but when they aren’t available for a visit we have an Animal Hospital set up with his stuffed animals. Yes, we have free Animal Hospital printables too!

Sick Day Games for Kids

We also have a post on Sick Day Activities including ideas like having an indoor picnic, playing board games, making an indoor fort and more. That post also includes some free Sick Day Activity Kit printables.

Sick Day Activities

When your child is feeling a bit more energetic, we also have a page filled with free printable games like word searches and charades.

Even with all these fun things to do, no one wants to be sick! You can help keep your family healthy this cold and flu season by getting your flu shot. Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies offer flu immunizations administered by an injection-certified pharmacist. You don’t even need an appointment! Also, don’t miss this post on 20 Tips To Avoid The Flu to help keep your family healthy. It’s always good to be prepared in case you do get sick so don’t miss this post on 15 Medicine Cabinet Essentials with a free printable checklist.

Medicine Cabinet Essentials - Free Printable Checklist

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