Kids Charades Ideas

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Charades is such a fun game that’s guaranteed to provide lots of laughter.  These free printable kids charades ideas found below are fun & easy to play! Simply print, cut out & place into a bowl. Split your group into two teams – Team A and Team B.

Each child takes a turn pulling a charade out of the bowl & then acting it out for their team without speaking.  The other players on their team shout out answers to try to guess what the actor is trying to portray.  You’ll also need a timer so that each actor tries to get the other players to guess the correct answer within a set time.

These kids charades ideas are some fun animal & action combo charades that are sure to lead to silly fun & laughter.

Kids Charades Ideas

Kids Charades Ideas:

  • a bear riding a bike
  • an octopus water-skiing
  • a bunny dancing
  • a monkey climbing a tree
  • a squirrel burying a nut
  • a raccoon digging through the garbage
  • an ostrich burying his head in the sand
  • a camel taking a nap
  • a dog driving a car
  • a kangaroo boxing
  • a penguin going down a slide
  • a dinosaur playing hopscotch
  • a bird building a nest
  • an alligator washing a car
  • a flamingo drinking from a water fountain
  • a cat giving himself a bath
  • a fish going to school
  • an elephant riding a roller coaster
  • a pig playing hockey
  • a giraffe playing basketball

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Kids Charades Ideas Printable

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