Fun Things To Do In a Power Outage

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After you’ve finished packing your emergency supplies kit, a fun idea is to pack a kit full of fun things to do in a power outage.

Fun Things to do in a Power Outage

It’s always good to be prepared in the event that the power goes out. Your emergency kit should include items such as flashlights, candles, matches, canned foods, water, granola bars, etc. Now what about activities to help pass the time during a power outage? Here are 20+ activity ideas for fun things to do in a power outage. Some of these are good for daytime fun and others are for the evening power outages when your home is in the dark. You’ll need to start with a large box to gather all of the items for your fun power outage activity kit.

Fun Things To Do In A Power Outage:

  • Create shadow puppets on the wall using a flashlight
  • Draw pictures in the dark and then laugh at your creations once the lights come back on
  • Pack some new books into your activity kit and then have a story time with flashlights
  • If the power goes out during the day, enjoy the fresh air with some outdoor play
  • Using window writing markers, draw fun pictures on the windows and mirrors in the house
  • Create pictures or secret messages using glow in the dark paint pens
  • Play a board game, card game or complete a puzzle (if it’s dark, you’ll have to play by a flashlight)
  • Play some of these free printable games like word searches and charades
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member that lives far away
  • Pack a portable radio, batteries and glow sticks for a glow in the dark dance party
  • Complete a craft like these fun movie night snack bowls
  • Pack some old pictures and scrapbook supplies and create some new pages for  your scrapbook
  • Create an obstacle course in the house or outdoors – here are some fun obstacle course ideas
  • Have a puppet show. No puppets? No problem! Try these fun activity ideas for pipe cleaner creatures or paper bag puppets.
  • Create cards like thank you cards, birthday cards or get well soon cards that you can use later
  • Have a fun ice cream sundae party – because you don’t want that ice cream to melt in the freezer!
  • Have a picnic with flashlights, juice boxes and granola bars
  • Play with Play-Doh
  • Host a tea party for your family and favorite stuffed animals
  • Have a silly photo shoot using wigs and old Halloween costumes
  • Play hide & seek with flashlights

Don’t forget to repack your kit after each use so that it’s ready again for your next power outage. Looking for more fun things to do in a power outage or on a rainy day? Check out these rainy day ideas.

How do you pass the time when the power goes out? Do you have any other ideas for fun things to do in a power outage?

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  1. I have wanted to make an emergency kit, never would it have occurred to me to brink crafts and games to keep my boys entertained!! I am so adding this to my to do list 😀


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