Action & Adventure Date Night

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These Action & Adventure Date Night ideas could be used for a creative date night with your spouse or modified for family fun. A mystery taste test, an action movie, free printables and more ideas to help you start planning your next date night! For the more adventurous couples, your adventure could include a hike or an adventurous activity you’ve always wanted to try together like white water rafting. For a date night with your spouse, you could combine this adventure date night with our romantic scavenger hunt to lead you to your adventurous date. Yes, we have free printables for a romantic scavenger hunt too!

Adventure Date Night

Adventure Date Night:

This free printable pack includes 2 pieces – Action & Adventures label and a Taste Test card. A fun idea is to have a few date night boxes created for your spouse or family to choose from: check out these Campout Date Night and Out Of This World Date Night packages for more fun ideas and free printables!

This Action & Adventure Date Night box could include:

  • an action movie
  • late night movie snacks
  • a mystery box filled with mystery snacks for a taste test – those BeanBoozled jelly beans would be a fun treat for this game
  • a blindfold for your mystery taste test
  • a “mystery” map to a restaurant you’ve never tried before

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*Movie clipart courtesy of Erin Bradley Designs. Thank you to Wendy’s Printable Party for designing the printables for us!

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