Date Ideas for Guys – Hockey Night

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Since we became parents, my husband and I don’t seem to go out for date nights very often so I wanted to plan something special at home. My husband loves hockey so a Hockey Date Night seemed like a great idea. He’s a huge fan of the Winnipeg Jets and his biggest rival team is the Boston Bruins so I themed our date around these two teams. If you’re husband loves hockey, then these date ideas for guys are perfect! We also have a free printable package to help with your date night!

Date Ideas For Guys - Hockey Date Night with FREE Printables

Date Ideas for Guys – Hockey Night:

I called him at work in the morning to tell him that someone from a “617” area code called for him this morning and left a message to say “Be prepared to get your butt whooped”. My husband looked up the area code and found out that it was Boston.  I told him the guy’s name was “Blades” which is the mascot name for the Boston Bruins.  He didn’t get the hint though and just decided it was probably a wrong number.  Ha!

When he came home from work he found a note on the front door reading the same message that I told him was on the voicemail and signed “Blades” with a picture of the mascot (now he must get the connection – I hope!).

Date Ideas for Guys Hockey

When he came downstairs I had a two small hockey nets set up with mini sticks, a small puck (ball) and a Winnipeg Jets t-shirt for him to wear. I set up a concession stand with hot dogs, pop & popcorn. You can grab concession stand supplies in your man’s favorite colors from the local dollar store – things like plastic hot dog & fry baskets, tablecloth, paper plates, popcorn bags, etc.

Date Ideas For Guys - Hockey Date Night with FREE Printables

I had made a price list for the concession stand and the prices were all in “tickets”. In order to buy something from the concession stand he needed to earn enough tickets. He could do this in 2 ways: (1) score a goal, (2) correctly answer a hockey trivia question. You’ll find the free hockey trivia game and printable tickets in the free hockey date night printable pack. As he earned tickets, he could either use them to make his purchase from the concession stand or enter them into a bucket for a raffle. If he answered a trivia question incorrectly or if I scored a goal, I won a ticket.

Date Ideas For Guys - Hockey Date Night with FREE Printables

I made a penalty box using a big empty diaper box. I created a sign that said “Bruins Fan Bleachers” and hung it over our cat tree. I had also printed off a picture of some hockey officials to hang on a nearby wall in case we needed some referee assistance.

Date Ideas For Guys - Hockey Date Night with FREE Printables

I tried to learn some basic hockey terminology before our date night so that I could use them during the game.  I used terms such as:

  • Hat-Trick:  When one player scores 3 goals in one game.  I remembered to call it after I scored my first 3 goals.
  • Man Advantage:  When team one has 1 player in the penalty box then team two has a man advantage.  I used this one when he was serving his penalty and my “team” had the man advantage.
  • Empty Net Goal:  A goal scored when the opposing goalie is not on the ice.  I used this one when he left “the ice” to visit the concession stand.

Wikipedia helped me quickly learn some hockey terminology.

Date Ideas For Guys - Hockey Date Night with FREE Printables

We were playing until one of us reached 10 goals. I then did the draw for the raffle prize but it’s tough for him to lose the draw when he was the only one putting in the tickets!

It was a fun night and pretty easy to put together. If you’re trying to play some date ideas for guys, a sports theme is a good way to go. Just think about what his favorite sport and team are and go from there! What are your favorite date ideas for guys?

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Date Ideas For Guys - Hockey Date Night with FREE Printables

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