Wife Appreciation Day

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That’s right ladies – Wife Appreciation Day! It’s always the 3rd Sunday in September – mark it on your husband’s calendar!

I know what you are thinking…shouldn’t every day be Wife Appreciation Day? Yes, it should be! Officially, Wife Appreciation Day is always the 3rd Sunday in September. If your husband doesn’t already know this, perhaps he needs a gentle reminder (like a big red circle on the calendar).

If he’s looking for some great ways to show you how much he appreciates you, you may want to send him a link to this post! We have a Date Ideas page filled with fun ideas and FREE printables too!

Plus don’t miss this free 10 Things I Appreciate About You printable that could be used for Husband Appreciation Day too!

Husband Appreciation Day - Wife Appreciation Day

Wife Appreciation Day Ideas:

  • Make her breakfast in bed
  • Wake up with the kids and take the little ones out for breakfast so your wife can sleep in
  • Take her to an art museum
  • Take her out to a movie…and even if she picks a “chick-flick” there’s no whining allowed on Wife Appreciation Day!
  • Buy her a card and list in it all of the things you appreciate about her
  • Take her out to dinner at a nice restaurant for a child-free evening
  • Cook her a special dinner. Can’t cook? No problem! Order in her favorite foods and serve her in a romantic candlelit setting.
  • Go out on a biking or hiking adventure and pack along a secret picnic
  • Take a fun trip out to the zoo
  • Take her to a jewelry store and let her pick out a small gift (maybe you could even plan ahead and have some flowers waiting for her there – VIP treatment!)
  • Take a walk on the beach and draw special messages in the sand together
  • Spend a night away from home at a fancy hotel or local bed & breakfast
  • Surprise her with a night of dancing or a private dance lesson
  • Plan a fun game night with secret door prizes
  • Thank her for all she does for you & the family by presenting her with a day at the spa
  • Visit a local petting zoo
  • Take her out on a surprise trip to her favorite clothing store, let her try on some new dresses, pick one to buy and then take her out for a nice dinner so she has a special place to wear the new outfit.
  • What would a Wife Appreciation Day be without flowers, right?!
  • Oh, and don’t forget the chocolates too!
  • Take her out to a bakery and prearrange a special dessert tasting
  • Enjoy some fun adventure activities together like rock wall climbing or rafting
  • Go swimming at a local pool or water park – spend some quiet time together lounging by a pool
  • Visit a local greenhouse and prearrange for a special private lunch together in the garden
  • Visit a local craft studio for some pottery painting
  • Make a trip to your local craft store, have her choose a fun craft and then make the craft together at home later
  • Plan a fun date at your local science center – here are a few fun ideas to help your planning
  • Does your wife enjoy sports? Take her out to a sports game and arrange for a fun personal message on the big screen!
  • Send her a singing telegram or a bouquet of balloons delivered to your home (or if you want to be really silly, rent a mascot outfit yourself and personally deliver the singing telegram to your own front door)
  • Leave her special love notes around the house for her to find throughout the day
  • Surprise her with how many things you remember about the relationship by creating a relationship quiz for her
  • Has she mentioned something new that she wants to try? Wife Appreciation Day is a good time to take her there to show her that you really do listen!
  • Take her back to the place you first met or where you proposed and recreate the special moment
  • Recreate a scene from her favorite movie
  • Visit a local farmers market and choose fresh foods that you can use to create a delicious meal at home – you’ll do the cooking today!
  • Let her know that she is a Princess for a Day – this means no chores, no cooking, no errands – just a day to be spoiled
  • Visit a local arcade and have some friendly competitions for some secret prizes
  • Arrange for a professional photo shoot to take some photos of the happy couple!
  • Plan a treasure hunt at home using silly clues, riddles and candy jewelry
  • Check your local event listings for a concert, comedy show, theatre production or another event she’d enjoy
  • Set up an area of relaxation for her with books, magazines, candles, her favorite snacks and drinks. Let her spend the day alone enjoying peace & quiet.
  • Set up a romantic bubble bath with candles

How will you enjoy Wife Appreciation Day? What would be your ultimate Wife Appreciation Day? For more ideas to enjoy with your spouse or your family, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with sneak peeks on Instagram.

Don’t worry husbands, you have an appreciation day too – but you have to wait until April for Husband Appreciation Day (here’s a list of fun activities that your wife can plan for you!).

*A special thank you to Wendy’s Printable Party for designing this for us and Erin Bradley Designs for the adorable clipart.

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