Fun Date Idea – Science Center

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Your local science center is a great location to choose for a fun date idea! With all of the exhibits and hands-on experiments at your local science center, it’s a great place for a fun date.

Fun Date Idea

Science Center – Fun Date Idea:

Here are a few fun ideas that you can customize according the the exhibits available at your local science center.

Participate in an experiment: There are likely live experiments going on in a staged area of the center. Have you or your date volunteer to help during one of the experiments. Want to make sure you are picked out of the audience? You can call your local center ahead of time and make some secret arrangements!

Fun Date Idea - Rock Wall

Do Something Daring: Does your local science center have a rock climbing wall or another hands-on exhibit that’s a little daring? A fun date idea would be to try something new & daring together.

Fun Date Idea - Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz: You’ll find a lot of facts about various animals and insects at the science center. Take turns quizzing each other at various animals displays. Not sure what to ask? There will be signs at each display with interesting facts that you can use for your quiz.

Fun Date Idea - Sports Challenge

Sports Challenge: There will likely be a few sports challenges that you can compete in during your date. Some ideas of exhibits your center may have are basketball or virtual golf. The first player to reach 5 points could be considered the winner (and maybe a bet could be that the loser has to buy drinks after the date!).

Fun Date Idea - Working Together

Build Something Together: A fun date idea is to work together to build something. The science center is full of hands-on experiments to choose from. Look for areas providing hands-on construction displays.

Fun Date Ideas - Racing

Friendly Race Competition: Find an area where you can build something to have a race such as building cars or sailboats. Another fun date idea is to find a hands-on experiment and have a friendly competition to see who can complete the task successfully in the shortest amount of time.

Fun Date Idea - Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers: How much do you know about the brain? Quiz your date with the following questions – each correct answer could win a prize like dibs on choosing the next movie or the location for supper.

  • How much does an adult human brain weigh? Averages 3 pounds
  • How many nerve cells does the brain have? Billions
  • How many lobes does the brain have? Four

Have fun!

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