Summer Word Scramble (Free Printable)

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It’s officially summer! Have your kids finished school for the year yet? If not, I’m sure they are getting ready for it right now while dreaming of summer vacation. Summer brings so many fun opportunities, road trips, vacations, outdoor pools, jumping through the sprinklers, going to the beach, eating ice cream…I could go on all day! When I was younger, my mom used to make a “summer fun” list with my brothers and I so we could make notes of everything we wanted to do in the summer like festivals, eating hot dogs from the vendor’s cart downtown, visiting the museum on a rainy day, etc. We were always so excited when we got to pick one of our “summer fun” activities to do! Today we’re sharing a fun Summer Word Scramble game as a free printable. All of the scrambled words have to do with summer.

Summer Word Scramble

Summer Word Scramble Game:

The answers are on the bottom of the free printable Summer Word Scramble game so you’ll want to fold this over or remove it before giving it to your kids to play.

The answers to the scrambled words are: Beach, Sand, Sun, Bicycle, Vacation, Road Trip, Sprinklers, Trees, Playground, Beach Ball, Swimming Camping, Lake, Sports, Picnic, Cabin, Football, Barbeque

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