Hula Hoop Games For Kids

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You don’t have to be a master at the hula hoop to enjoy these silly hula hoop games for kids. These would be great for a family picnic, a block party or just some fun in your own backyard. To start, you’ll want to visit your local dollar store to pick up a few hula hoops in a few different colors and sizes. You don’t need anything fancy – plain hula hoops will work just fine.

Hula Hoop Games

*Also, a big thanks to my husband for being a good sport and trying all my hula hoop games!

Hula Hoop Games:

Lasso Practice: Break your group into teams of 2. Have each teammate stand directly across from their partner (about 6 feet away). The partners will have to take turns trying to lasso their teammate with the hula hoop by throwing it over their head and down to their feet. Instead of throwing the hula hoop over people, you could also use large stuffed animals.

Distance Rolls: Have you ever spun your hula hoop out with a flick of your wrist so that it rolls away a little bit but then spins back to you? In this game, guests will try to throw their hula hoop the furthest while still getting it to roll back to them. You can measure the distance of each player’s roll with sidewalk chalk.

Obstacle Course: There are many fun ways you can use hula hoops in a silly obstacle course:

  • have one partner hold it high above their head while another team member tries to throw bean bags through it
  • hopping through a hula hoop pattern on the ground while on one foot
  • tie hula hoops between two chairs using streamer paper then try to crawl through them without knocking them down

Spinning: How long can you spin a hula hoop around your waist? How about your neck, arm or leg? Players can compete for spinning the hula hoop the longest on their waist, arms, neck and legs.

Multiple Hula Hoops: After you have the spinning portion mastered, try to see how many hula hoops you can get going at the same time – like one on each arm or one on your arm while spinning one on your waist.

Catch: Give each player a hula hoop and have them play catch with each other. Each player will throw the hula hoop at the same time while they all try to catch each one before the hula hoops fall to the ground.

Jumping: Have a team member roll a hula hoop towards you and then jump over it. It’s more difficult than it sounds!

What are your favorite hula hoop games? Let us know in the comments below!

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