Summer Fun Ideas

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It’s Summer – Hooray! Summer is my favorite season of the year. I enjoy spending time outside with my family and friends while soaking up a little sun and participating in some fun activities. Looking for some activity ideas to entertain your kids this summer? Here are a few summer fun ideas you may want to try while enjoying the beautiful weather!Summer Fun Ideas

Summer Fun Ideas:

  • Water Balloon Dodge Ball or Water Balloon Tag: This list of summer fun ideas wouldn’t be complete without some water balloon fun! Fill a large bin up with water balloons and have the kids play a fun game of water balloon dodge ball or tag.  It’s a great way to keep cool on a hot summer day!
  • Set out sprinklers for the kids to jump through. There are so many fun sprinkler toys out there to choose from but even an old sprinkler you use on your lawn is fun for the kids to jump through.
  • Beach Pinata: Fill a beach-themed pinata (like a sun or a beach ball) with small water toys and gummy fish candies. You can even mix in a few small balloons filled with water – just for fun! 🙂
  • If you have access to a sandbox, bring out some sand castle making supplies like buckets, shovels, water and molds and have the kids have a sandcastle making competition. You may even find some rocks and twigs around to help with your sandcastle decor.
  • Try any of these fun ideas at the park
  • Set up a mini pool in the backyard filled with water and water-friendly toys.
  • Pack up a little picnic and visit an outdoor pool for a fun afternoon with the kids.
  • Try any of these free printable scavenger hunt games for kids
  • Games with sidewalk chalk
  • Host a BBQ for your family & friends and have the little ones create a parade for their stuffed animals by creating floats with their wagons and bikes (use balloons, streamer paper, pom poms and ribbons)
  • Go stargazing in your pj’s and bring along snacks and sleeping bags
  • Visit a petting zoo
  • Find a town close by you with a carnival or festival and take a road trip for the day
  • Go fishing
  • Create a backyard fort out of an old box

Don’t forget to bring along sunscreen, water, sunglasses, hats, towels and a camera. Have Fun!

Summer Fun Ideas & Printables

If you love these fun summer ideas, be sure to pin it to your favorite family camping board on Pinterest. You can print the free printable activities for a  anytime, but you want to be able to find them again quickly before you’re walking out the door on your next adventure.

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  1. love the water balloon wars, in fact I brought them with me on the kids’ last day of school and gave them one after I got them. It was a blast and now they are doing water wars every few days.


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