Beach Ball Games for Kids

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Most of us have at least one beach ball around the house or tucked away in the summer area of the garage. Other than catch, what games can you play with beach balls? There are so many fun & creative beach ball games that parents will enjoy as much as the kids do! These can be played at the beach, in your local park, at a family picnic, in your own backyard or even inside a gym on a rainy day.

Beach Ball Games

Beach Ball Games:

Catch: A simple game of catch is always fun. You can mix it up a bit by saying that before each player throws the ball, they must spin around in a circle 5 times. This will make the player a little dizzy causing the throw to be a little wacky.

Volleyball: At your local beach, campground or park, play a fun game of beach ball volleyball with your family. If you can’t find a net to play with, you could play over a set of monkey bars at the playground or even tie some streamers between two trees.

Race: Have players put a beach ball between their knees and then race towards a finish line without letting the ball fall to the ground. Remember, you can’t use any hands to hold it in place!

Ball Games: How many games can you think of that use a ball? Soccer, baseball, football and tennis are just a few of the games that you can make a silly beach ball version of. Let your kids help think of some silly rules to the fun new sports.

Basketball: I know what you’re thinking – a beach ball won’t fit through a basketball net. Well, how about hanging up a hula hoop as a beach ball basketball net?

What are your favorite beach ball games? Let us know in the comments below.

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