Making New Friends – Mommy Style

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Making-New-Friends-Mommy Style Having supportive friends is such a bonus for any mom. It’s great to have mommy friends to turn to for advice, support or for a night out. Here are some tips for making new friends – mommy style!

  • Join a moms group in your area. If  you can’t find one & want to start your own, here are some helpful tips on how you can get started.
  • Interact with moms during your child’s recreation activities like swimming lessons, playing at a park or at a recreation facility for kids.
  • Plan a small party at your home for your neighborhood. Some ideas are a holiday treat party, baking exchange or a summer barbeque.
  • Join a class or group that interests you like cake decorating, a book club or a fitness class.
  • Volunteer for a local charity you’re interested in.
  • Attend a ladies event like a trade show for women or a special spa night.

Making New Friends – Conversation Starters:

In order to meet new mom friends, you may have to step out of your comfort zone a bit & start a conversation. Some great conversation starters when making new friends are:

  • your kids
  • upcoming holidays
  • clothing or shoes (or any compliment)
  • a new movie
  • something that appears to be a shared interest either of yours or between your children
  • ask a question like do they know of a great coffee shop in the area, what programs in the area they’ve tried with their kids, etc.

Chances are you’ll meet some other great moms who are looking to develop mommy friendships as well.

What is your best tip for making new friends?

Once you have a new fun group of mommy friends, it’s time to start planning some fun moms’ night out events! Moms & Munchkins is filled with fun ideas for Moms’ Night celebrations.

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3 thoughts on “Making New Friends – Mommy Style”

  1. Great tips! I have always been a little shy and actually found it easier to meet people once I had a baby. I feel there is something about being a mom that instantly gives you something to connect over. Granted, you still have to seek out opportunities to meet people, like you suggested above!


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