Free Printable Valentines for Kids

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Valentine’s day will be here before we know it along with all the parties. I actually love this time of the year but if you have several kids it can be taxing. Sometimes you have your school parties, your neighborhood parties as well as your friends Valentine’s day parties. All of these Valentines can add up and cost a pretty penny if you buy them. The good news is you don’t have to buy them you can print awesome ones for free. In my opinion, the free printable valentines for kids that we share are better than store-bought.

14 Free Printable Valentine's For Kids

While we currently offer several free Valentine’s printables I wanted to give you more options. So I had 8 new Valentines printables created and you get them for free! All the currently available printables, as well as the new valentine printables, are linked below with a preview or example of the printable in use. Don’t forget you will need somewhere for your kids to keep all those Valentine’s so make sure to check out our Valentine’s Mailbox Printable.

Free Printable Valentines for Kids

Make sure to check out all the free printable valentines as I am sure we have one that your kid will want to use and don’t forget to check out our Valentine Day ideas page for other printables, food, and treat ideas to make the day a success.

Apple Valentine

This first one is an apple valentine printable that can be paired with an apple or an apple sauce cup or pouch. It states “Who is Apple-So-lutley the best? Chew Are!” Click here for the Apple PDF.

Book worm Valentine

This Valentine is perfect for those that love to read or want to share the love to read. In addition, you can pair it with a book or a bag of Gummy worms as a nice treat or both. It states “You and this book worm meant to be together. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Click Here for the Book Worm PDF.

This is a little more of a flirty valentine that has a cute twist. You can pair it with a couple of cutie oranges or some of those orange shaped chocolates. It states “Hey Cutie! Will you be my Valentine?” Click Here for the Hey Cutie PDF.

Dohn't I know it Valentine

Every kid loves play-doh which always makes this Valentine a big hit. It’s simple just buy the cans of play-doh, print the tags and affix them with glue or double-sided tape. It states “You’re an awesome friend! And DOHn’t I know it!.” Click Here for the Play Doh PDF.

This is an assorted Valentines printable full of great puns! Depending on the tags you choose to use, you just attach the tag to your treat of choice. This free printable is full of several puns to choose from. Click Here for the Puns.

Eyes Valentine

This printable can be paired with sun sunglasses or even that eyeball gum you can get at the party store. It states “I only have EYES for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!” Click here for the Eyes PDF.

Heart Pop Valentine

This Valentine will get things poppin in the classroom or at the house! Print out the Tag and pair it with your favorite choice of pop rocks. It states “You make my heart pop!” Click here for the heart pop PDF.

Love Potion Valentine

Share the love with this Valentine and their favorite drink or juice! This one says I love you in a cute but little bit cheesy way. It states “To feel my emotion sip this Love Potion” Click here for the love potion PDF.

Wheely Good Friend Valentine

My boys loved this Valentine’s idea as they love hot wheels! Tip you can often buy the cars in multipacks for less, then split them up for the individuals. It states “We make a Wheely good team, my friend!” Click here for the Wheely PDF.

This is round two of great puns for Valentines! With these, I suggest you choose your treat then choose the tags based on who you are giving them to. This way each kid gets a different card that makes it more fun. This free printable is full of multiple puns to choose from. Click Here for the Puns 2.

This Valentine will get the girls all ready for their manicures and pedicures! Print out the Tag and pair it with your choice of nail polish or nail files. It states “I’m TOE-tally glad we’re friends!” Click here for the Toe-tally PDF.

This one is great as you can use Swedish fish or goldfish crackers to pair with the tag! You can see how we put these tags to use at our O-Fish-al Valentines party. It states “I’m hooked on you.” or “My O-FISH-al Valentine.” Click here for the fishy PDF.

Let your friends know they are out of this world with this cute Valentine! Pair it with a mars or milky way bar to keep the theme cohessive. It states “I hope your Valentine’s Day is out of this world!” Click here for the Alien PDF.

Last but definitely not least on our list is this free printable valentine. Pair it with a ruler or protractor for a fun yet educational gift. You can always attach your favorite candy or treat too. It states “You Measure Up! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Click here for the Measure PDF.

Now you have over 14 Free Printable Valentines for kids to choose from. I am sure your little one will find one they love and because you got it here from free you can spend a little more on the treat or item to go with the Valentine tag. Remember it’s all about having fun and letting those around you or in your classroom know you are grateful that they are your friends.

14 Free Printable Valentines for Kids!

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