Punny Valentines + Free Printables

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I may be a bit cheesy but I love Valentine puns!  If you do too then you’re in luck because we have some FREE printable punny Valentine’s Day cards plus creative candy ideas to match each card. We have some that would be great as classroom treats for kids and some that could be a silly treat for a spouse.

Valentine Puns

Valentine Puns

Valentine Puns

Valentine Puns

Valentine Puns

Valentine Puns

Valentine Puns & Candy Ideas:

  • “Love Moo” with black & white jelly beans.
  • “Hugs & Kisses” with Hershey’s hugs & kisses chocolates.
  • “I Love You Beary Much” with gummi bears.
  • “Bee Mine” with yellow & black jelly beans.
  • “I’ll bug you until you say you’ll be mine” with gummy bugs or red & black jelly beans (ladybug).
  • “I Chews You” with gumballs.
  • “I’m bananas over you” with marshmallow bananas.
  • “Hooked on you” with gummy fish.
  • “We are mint to be together” with mints.
  • “I’m nuts about you” with trail mix.
  • “You rock my world” with chocolate pebbles.
  • “You’re the only fish in the sea for me” with candy fish or gummy fish.
  • “Love you to eterni-tea” with tea.
  • “We have a tree-mendous love” with spearmint leaves.
  • “I’d be tickled pink if you were mine” with pink jelly beans.
  • “You are dino-mite” with dino-sours.
  • “Here’s to building a great friendship” with candy building blocks.
  • “Orange you amazing” with candy orange slices.
  • “You’re the besssssst” with gummy snakes.
  • “You are grrrrreat!” with black and orange jelly beans (tiger).
  • “You’re a peach” with peach candies.
  • “You are berry sweet” with berry gummies.
  • “Thanks for bee’ing a good friend” with yellow and black jelly beans.

How To Print Your Free Valentine Tags:

These fun Valentine’s Day printables are available for FREE to you just for checking out our great site.  Make sure to bookmark us as well as share Moms and Munchkins with your friends on social media.  Visit our Valentine’s Day page for even more free printables, Valentine’s Day games, party ideas, sweet treats and more!

Click here for the Puns Printable

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Punny Valentines - Free Printable

Do you have any other Valentine puns?  I’d love to hear them!

Valentine Puns

Don’t miss our Valentine’s Day page for more free printables, Valentine’s Day treat ideas, party ideas and more. You’re going to love this I Chews You cookie decorating tutorial by Amy.

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